Elevate Your Customer Cocktail Experience with Bartesian


Bartesian driving value in businesses

Elevating The Guest Experience

Exceed guests' expectations with consistent, bar quality cocktails crafted with all-natural, premium ingredients.


“This is truly an experience that guests will always remember, and that’s what we want out of our hotel’s finest suite.”


“We are really happy with Bartesian. It’s really exactly what we needed for our small tasting room. Thanks so much for your help in providing it and making our job easier and our customers happier.


“We weren’t sure how it was going to work in the club, but it’s been a huge hit for the customers and bartenders.”


“Solves a huge problem for us since we struggle to hire bartenders - now we can offer our residents delicious cocktails.”

Nail Salon:

“The Bartesian definitely enhances the guest experience by providing them with quality drinks and makes it easier for the salon to make them. Any employee can toss a pod in the machine and press a button for a professional quality drink. It’s like having a Bartender at all times.”

Increasing Revenue

Increase average check size and margin by offering expertly crafted cocktails instead of just beer and wine.


“We used to offer batch cocktails and it was a slow process that required a lot of labor and led to waste, so we replaced all of those with Bartesian.”


“Allows us to serve higher revenue and margin cocktails in areas where we used to only be able to sell beer & wine.”

Golf Course:

“We were not able to offer complex cocktails
previously - it is all incremental revenue.”


“Bartesian is set up in our hotel lobby, allowing our front desk staff to turn into mixologists. With no previous cocktail offerings, this has allowed us to increase our hotel’s beverage revenue.”


“72% of all food and beverage sales are liquor here. Bartesian in our lobby taps into that demand further by adding points of consumption and extending hours to our cocktail operations."

Streamlining Operations

Bartesian turns all operators into talented mixologists, allowing consistent cocktails to be served where mixologists can't be.


“For us it’s the streamlined service given that since we sell them out of concession none of our staff who work there know how to mix their own drinks.”


“The Bartesian has been a really big help when we get groups gathering before a cooking class, painting class, etc, because there tends to be a rush before the event starts and it’s great to make cocktails so quickly without a big staff or a long wait.”


“May not always have 3-4 people back here so when a large group comes in it really smooths out the service.”


“Because of Bartesian’s large cocktail menu, consistency, and portion control we plan to make Bartesian cocktails the sole cocktail offering at our concession locations.”


“72% of all food and beverage sales are liquor here. Bartesian in our lobby taps into that demand further by adding points of consumption and extending hours to our cocktail operations."


During the 2021 NFL season, Bartesian offered a unique cocktail program at Paul Brown Stadium, elevating the fan experience by providing bar-quality cocktails at the push of a button and helping to drive increased revenue at the venue, Because of the program’s success, we’re excited to expand the partnership and bring the premium service to five of Aramark’s MLB accounts this coming season.

Alison Birdwell, President and CEO of Aramark Sports and Entertainment

"Delaware North originally started utilizing Bartesian in suites during the 2019 MLB season and has steadily grown the partnership, most recently rolling out programs across all of Delaware North's MLB, NFL & NBA venues in 2022. Bartesian's unique platform provides our guests the ability to enjoy bar-quality, premium cocktails in areas across our venues not possible before. This partnership allows our guests to have an elevated cocktail experience while increasing revenue and streamlining operations in our venues. The new 'Bartesian Professional' changes the game for venues and we are excited to continue to grow our relationship across the vast Delaware North network."

Rico Ferranti, Corporate Beverage Director for Delaware North Sportservice

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